Ball Hockey Info

League Info

This league has now completed its 5th season of organized women's ball hockey in Victoria. Interest is growing and we played with five full teams in the last two seasons. We hope that word has now gotten around so that more teams can be formed in future years. Our regular season runs from Mar/Apr to Jun/Jul. Please check this website for continuous updates and information concerning registration and game schedules.

The goal of this league is to provide an opportunity for women to have fun, run around (lots of running!) and enjoy the sport of ball hockey with other women.

The league is open to women of all skill levels. VWBHL will include skilled players as well as participants who would like to try the sport for the first time and/or are new to hockey. No tryouts are necessary. Teams are formed every year by the Executive with the intention of creating a "balanced" league. Games will be played once or twice a week depending on how many teams can be formed.

What equipment is required?

Mandatory Equipment:

  • CSA Approved ice hockey helmet with full CSA approved facial protection
  • Hockey or ball hockey gloves
  • Hockey stick-(no plastic blades)
Optional (But recommended):
  • Shin pads (soccer or ball hockey) - Highly Recommended
  • Elbow pads
  • Soft knee pads
  • Jill
  • Mouth guard


Rules for Ball Hockey

Most of the Rules of Ball Hockey mirror those of ice hockey, or what you may already be familar with - this is not meant to be a comprehensive list. However, there are a number of special rules that you should be aware of if you have never played Ball Hockey before.


VWBHL games are two 30 minute stop-time periods. If you have not played ball hockey and think that is a short period of time to play, you will quickly find out that unlike Ice Hockey, where you can "coast" through some of your movement, Ball Hockey is a game for those who can keep their legs moving. 30 minutes is a lot of running, although like Ice Hockey you are usually out for shifts of about 2 minutes at a time.

"Floating Blue Line"

Ball Hockey mirrors international hockey rules in that there is no 2 line pass. However, the largest difference between Ball Hockey and most forms of Ice Hockey is the "Floating Blue Line" that regulates off-sides in the offensive zones. Once a player has moved the ball over the blue line into the attacking zone, the attacking zone increases to include the entire opponent's half of the rink. See the illustration on the right.

High Sticking & Stick Infractions

"High sticking" the ball (touching the ball with your stick at a height greater than 4' (or above the crossbar) is a 2 minute penalty. Hence, it is best to rid yourself of the habit of chasing a ball in the air with your stick.

Also enforced will be the double-minor for any slashing or cross-checking penalty. High sticking involving injuries will result in a 5-minute major and a game misconduct, and review from a league official.
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women's ball hockey rules